Friday, 25 April 2014

Moth - 75%?

I managed to animate most of the scenes, but i still need to color everything.
The sound is an older version and unsynched, i will need to speak with my sound guy for a newer version.
By May i hope i will finish most of the animation, but since my background artists had some problems,i think i will have to take over some backgrounds as well but i doubt i could make it in time.

While animating i figured some scenes lack anticipation, so i had to animate some little extra details, like in Scene 4 (added preparation to fly away), Scene 16 (Moth gets in but almost falls) Scene 22 (Flame noticing Moth) a.s.o.
With all this, the animation time has increased to cca 1:55 (edited), and it still feels like it lacks anticipation on certain scenes.

Even though they've all been tests, all videos that have gone through Adobe Premiere, have came out with a pixelated format and an annoyingly shaking screen. I assume this is due to the export settings, but a lot of the times it wouldn't export the video in widescreen.