Monday, 23 February 2015

CoF - Animated Scenes 4

In Scene 23, the protagonist must reach for a daffodil that is close to a dragon's snout. She is unsure if he is dead or sleeping but she can't take the risk, so she'll just stretch t get it. This is probably the only scene i experimented with 1s. It took a lot of time but at least now i see how it looks like. I did it like other scene, i copied a lot of body elements to keep the proportions right.

In Scene 25, she wakes up from the flash back and finds out that the dragon was actually hers. In the planned animatic, she would be crouched as far away from him as possible so she won't stir him. Her next pose would be for her to hug the dragon . If she were too far, that would have been too much to animate dragging herself to the dragon.

Apologies if there will be too many typos in the upcoming keyboard is acting up. 

In Scene 26, she find the next daffodil next to a flag. There are a lot of scene of her kneeling down in this short, so for this one, i decided i would make her throw down her sword first and then kneel.

In scene 28 she wakes up from another flash back, with her daffodil in her hand and she will straighten the flag next to her.

Monday, 16 February 2015

CoF - Animated Scenes 3

This is a POV scene. The protagonist wakes up from a flash back and sees her gauntlet disassembled, falling off her hand.

This is what happens next. She gets scared and jumps. What little pieces of her gauntlet that are left on her hand, fall off in this scene. She notices a dead soldier in front of her, that's why she looks at the camera.

In this scene we see what the protagonist was staring at. A soldier that she killed and a drip of blood seeping out through his helmet.

In this scene, the protagonist gets scared, picks up the daffodil and runs out of the shot. After that it will pan to the next scene but this is not covered in this upload.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Ultimate Image

I was given the task to promote myself via an 'Ultimate Image'. This should speak for me, to give a sample of pieces of work. Like i did with other design tasks, i kept the family design of my Ultimate Image and added some of my created characters to it. Most of them are part of my upcoming animated short, CoF.

My final design.

Below is the process i've gone through to creating my ultimate image.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Looking out there - Cartoon Saloon

I could say that i am rather stubborn when it comes to traveling great distances ...well...outside of Europe. Within it I have no problem. But that is because I would like to make an impact where I am. People in the animation domain would fly the Atlantic and continue their career in USA or Canada. But i see a potential here as well. The way i see it is that European animations are not as famous as American ones, but then there are studios that show that there is a possibility of showing the world that great films can come from here too.

One such studio is Cartoon Saloon.
The first animated shorts i've seen from this studio were Cúilín Dualach and Old Fangs. 
Even though i didn't really understand the first short (since it wasn't in any of the languages i spoke) i could say that it was friendly for any audience that didn't understand the language. My other interpretation is that this short is a cultural expression that encourages audiences to learn a new language. It's something i totally agree with, that's why my latest short will be in Welsh.

Old Fangs was interesting for me as well, but the animation that made the most impact for me (as well as others) was The Secret of Kells. A celtic themed story, inspired from Irish history, an animation of simple designs but all so beautiful to look at.

I am very confident the same quality is in Song of the Sea as well (their latest animated feature). I would gladly like to make such cultural inspired animations that are also an awe to look at if it means working for Cartoon Saloon.