Saturday, 30 May 2015

My website is up. I will be updating it soon with my latest short and redesign the layout a bit as i will be joining Tumblr soon. (I can't believe i am doing this heh)
To access my website simply click the picture, or follow this link  or you can find it on the side bar. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

CoF - Animated Scenes 6

In this scene the protagonist wakes up from her flashback and looks down at her sword.

In this scene she will slightly tilt her sword and transform it back into a wand. The reflection of her eyes will be visible on the blade but that will be added after colouring in.

In this scene her father will put his hand on her shoulder and she will look at him. Part of the blinking animation is copied from the previous scene. I am rather undecided if i should make the father slightly transparent or leave him solid. He is a ghost or an illusion after all, but if i turn him transparent, visuals of his animated parts will look bad. Turning the hand transparent, we would see the tunic through it instead of the environment.

Close up shot of her father smiling at her. The first version of this scene was him with smiling constantly but i decided to make him sad at first and then smile. There will be two layers in this animation and i am still undecided how to give him the graphical representation of a ghost/illusion if i can't make him transparent.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

CoF - Animated Scenes 5

In Scene 29, the character will be walking towards the camera, arriving at the final daffodil. The daffodil will be in foreground, and for the character we won't see anything but her legs. There wi be some focus at play in this scene. for the first part of it, the daffodil in the foreground will be in focus, but for the rest, the character will be focused on.

In Scene 31, the character looks at the ruined house and then kneels down to pick up the last daffodil. I don't know if others can notice, but i will say that i've cheated for this scene. i copied the kneeing animation from a different scene, but redrawn over it, so it would match this scene (where the character is wearing a dress) and so that the flicker won't make it noticeable.

In Scene 33 the character wakes up from a flash back and notices that she has wings. There wasn't much animation to be done here. Her wings are a tweened symbol, and her face and arm are animated frame by frame. Her arm has been copied and pasted.

In Scene 34 she examines her wings and then turns her head in front to look at the daffodils she has picked up. In this scene her wings are tweened symbols as well, but her turning head is animated frame by frame.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Looking out there - Ovosonico

In one of my previous posts i have mentioned that my inspiration goes outside the domain of animation, and this time it lands again in the domain of gaming.

This time Ovosonico falling under my radar, for their inspiring game, Murasaki Baby.
Just like the previous ones i played from Ubisfoft, Murasaki Baby was quite an emotional experience and artistic inspiration. From it i can tell that this studio has a broad perspective, they're not afraid to come out of their comfort zone and their inspiration comes from different areas.

Murasaki Baby has a Tim Burton-esque style to it, but the soundtrack is different, both its vocalist and the title is in japanese (Purple Baby), all of an Italian based studio.
The game is exclusive to PlayStation Vita, a handheld console with touch screen functionalities. It could have been available to other platforms but the experience of the player is to use the touch screen to hold the character's hand as if he was parenting her.

These are the courage to step out of a comfort zone that i was talking about. Such artistic awareness and multicultural inspiration is what would make me want to work for Ovosonico.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Looking Out There - Ubisoft - UbiArt

As an animator, i find relevant interests in both story and graphical inspiration in other domains as well.
I can shamelessly say that i find a lot of art in video games as well.
Some video games have echoed for me as being unforgettable while others have been just for the fun.
But such pieces of art that have appealed to me for both these categories, are the games created by Ubisoft through the UbiArt Framework. Rayman Legends, Child of Light and Valiant Hearts - The Great War, all had a great emotional experience to me, and each moment spent in, made me awe  the art style.
These games have further inspired my interest in making interactive art, despite of my domain. But the UbiArt Framework looks very interesting and artist friendly. If i had a chance to make my art interactive to an audience, i would deeply take it.