Saturday, 30 May 2015

My website is up. I will be updating it soon with my latest short and redesign the layout a bit as i will be joining Tumblr soon. (I can't believe i am doing this heh)
To access my website simply click the picture, or follow this link  or you can find it on the side bar. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

CoF - Animated Scenes 6

In this scene the protagonist wakes up from her flashback and looks down at her sword.

In this scene she will slightly tilt her sword and transform it back into a wand. The reflection of her eyes will be visible on the blade but that will be added after colouring in.

In this scene her father will put his hand on her shoulder and she will look at him. Part of the blinking animation is copied from the previous scene. I am rather undecided if i should make the father slightly transparent or leave him solid. He is a ghost or an illusion after all, but if i turn him transparent, visuals of his animated parts will look bad. Turning the hand transparent, we would see the tunic through it instead of the environment.

Close up shot of her father smiling at her. The first version of this scene was him with smiling constantly but i decided to make him sad at first and then smile. There will be two layers in this animation and i am still undecided how to give him the graphical representation of a ghost/illusion if i can't make him transparent.