Monday, 19 January 2015

Business Card

I finally have a business card. I was too gitty to create it before i created myself a website. So now the final print has an address to my blog on it instead.

I went for a family design with it, same style that can be found on my Blog's banner, Website's banner, Youtube banner, Twitter banner and ultimate image.

Just like all the banners mentioned above, i started out with creating a background of a collection of works of mine. I added a parchment layer over them so that they can be blended. Around everything there's a frame of an unstable architectural construct with vines growing over the frames and a grassy ground floor.

It's on my business card that i first added this type face to my name and then changed the one on my blog.

 On verso I kept the same design of but readjusted the texture level so that works in the backgrounds can be viewed better. There is no writing to interfere with here, so why not?

Monday, 12 January 2015


The moment has come to actually create a website. When it will be fully published i might have to move there and post my future posts there and leave this blog behind. But that is for the future. When the website will be published, this blog will have a link to it so you can go check it out. It should be up before 24th April 2015.

Until then, enjoy reading the process of creating it.

                                          The Golden Apple:
                                          The Dead Pirates:
                                          Heart Shaped Skull:
                                          Giant Sparrow:
                                          The Line:
                                          Erick Oh:

Monday, 5 January 2015

Looking Out There - The Line

I like to say that some time after graduation i would like to make animated music videos. Making an artistic marriage between audio and video, giving the the audience an both visual and musical mind goes on fireworks when experiencing something like this and i would like my audience to do so as well.

The Line may not have been in charge of making the music, but they sure knew how to 'paint' for it. Their music videos for the track Easy by Mat Zo & Porter Robinson as well as the one for Strange Enough by N.A.S.A. feat. Karen O & Ol' Dirty Bastard were their first works i stumbled upon. The rhythm for Strange Enough was a bit questionable for me, but the style was something out of my high school fantasies. But the animation for Easy was just perfect.

These may be very few music videos but it's the quality alone that made me admire it.
Other pieces of animation have a graphical style that could inspire anyone, and they are aiming for a large audience. Wallflowers seemed to be a success and people seem to want another part of it. As well as Everything I Can See From Here. They seem to be aimed to be screened on smartphones judging by their aspect ratio.

Same courage i see in Ovosonico. If there was a place where i can share more art with the rest of the world, with music and eye candy it would be from The Line.