Wednesday, 22 April 2015

CoF - Animated Scenes 5

In Scene 29, the character will be walking towards the camera, arriving at the final daffodil. The daffodil will be in foreground, and for the character we won't see anything but her legs. There wi be some focus at play in this scene. for the first part of it, the daffodil in the foreground will be in focus, but for the rest, the character will be focused on.

In Scene 31, the character looks at the ruined house and then kneels down to pick up the last daffodil. I don't know if others can notice, but i will say that i've cheated for this scene. i copied the kneeing animation from a different scene, but redrawn over it, so it would match this scene (where the character is wearing a dress) and so that the flicker won't make it noticeable.

In Scene 33 the character wakes up from a flash back and notices that she has wings. There wasn't much animation to be done here. Her wings are a tweened symbol, and her face and arm are animated frame by frame. Her arm has been copied and pasted.

In Scene 34 she examines her wings and then turns her head in front to look at the daffodils she has picked up. In this scene her wings are tweened symbols as well, but her turning head is animated frame by frame.

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